July 4th Nails Tutorial


Ever wondered how some women create those beautiful nail polish designs? Well, I have two just perfect for the Fourth of July!

Flags and Fireworks


Left Hand:

1. Paint 2 coats of White Out ($8.50) on all nails with the exception of your thumb.

2. Paint 2 coats of In the Navy ($8.50) on your thumb.

3. Beginning at your pointer finger, use Fiery Red ($8.50) to create the lines going towards the nail tip. Do this step on each nail working towards your pinky.

4. Using Platinum Glitter ($5.00), create 3 stars on the thumb.

5. Once all layers have dried, seal with Glosser ($10).

Right Hand:

1. Apply 2 coats of Haute Red ($8.50) to all nails with the exception of the ring finger as this will be your fireworks accent nail.

2. Apply 1 coat of Spazmatic ($10) on top of the Haute Red.

3. Paint 2 coats of Whiteout onto your ring finger.

4. Once dry, begin by drawing half moon shaped lines using Fiery Red to create the firework effect following the pattern in the image.

5. After the Fiery Red has dried, create the same pattern using True Blue ($8.50).

6. Add in Platinum Glitter on top of the fireworks to create a shimmering effect.

7. Once all layers are completely dry, finish with Glosser.


Flag Accent Nail

1. Apply 2 coats of White Out as the base color.

2. Apply 1 coat of Rockets Red Glare to all fingers except the ring finger.

3. Using your ring finger as your accent nail, use True Blue and paint along the cuticle to create the outline of the blue portion of the flag. Fill in the outline.

4. Beginning at the cuticle, use Fiery Red to create the lines going towards the nail tip.

5. Once you have let Step 3&4 dry completely, use Platinum Glitter over the True Blue to create a shimmering star effect.

6. After all layers have dried completely, finish the look using Glosser Topcoat.

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Cate Blanchett is the new face of Giorgio Armani’s fragrances


Cate Blanchett signed a $10 million deal to become the face of Giorgio Armani’s fragrances for women. The actress, who recently signed as the lead in HBO’s movie adaptation of Marisa Acocella Marchetto’s memoir, “Cancer Vixen,” is soon to shoot a series of ads for the fashion house’s fragrances. The star is already a muse for the designer, and is regularly seen on the red carpet in Armani Prive. Armani himself said Blanchett “epitomizes the woman for whom I design.”

Look Like a Roman Goddess





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Why use Wasabi on your skin


Yes, wasabi, the potent plant, which is actually a member of the cabbage family and found next to your Sushi, has been shown to have an assortment of healing benefits: anything from reducing the growth of bacteria that causes cavities, and increasing circulation and promoting oxygenation of the cellular tissue when topically taken, to getting over a hangover, even acting as a pout plumper when applied to women’s lips, and an aphrodisiac when consumed by men!

Historically, the potent plant has been prided for its antimicrobial properties and used by Japanese natives to protect from food poisoning. It has also been proven as a natural antibacterial agent with a high concentration of potassium, calcium, vitamin C and photochemical, strengthening the body’s antioxidant defenses and aiding the skin against free radicals.

Its power transcends just ingesting, and has been shown as equally beneficial when applied topically to the skin. Which, naturally, made the skincare industry and its inexhaustible search for interesting beauty-making ingredients take note. Seduced by wasabi’s stimulating nature, its since been added into a slew of skin care products and included in facials and body treatments at spas across the country. Want to test out this stimulating face food for yourself? Here’s how:

Make Your Own:

Wasabi Massage Oil: Combine ¼ cup vegetable oil and ¼ cup light sesame oil in a small saucepan. Heat on low for 2 to 3 minutes or until warm but NOT boiling or smoking. Immediately remove from heat and stir in ½ tsp wasabi paste. Be sure to use a wooden spoon since plastic can leach out chemicals. Cover and let cool for at least 1 hour. Add 5 drops of vitamin E oil (you can pop a vitamin oil pill if you have one) and still until mixed in. Massage!

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25 ways to fix dry Itchy Skin



There’s nothing worse than dry, itchy skin. Dry skin can happen any time during the year, but is most prevalent in winter (hence the term, “winter itch”). Find out why your skin tends to be dry in winter and how to solve dry hands, feet, body, face and lips year-round.

Why Do I Suffer From Dry Skin in the Winter?

In winter, low temperatures, low humidity and strong, harsh winds deplete skin of its natural lipid layer, which keeps the skin from drying out. The dry air from furnaces and other heating sources also suck the moisture out of skin. To keep skin soft and supple, your goal is not to add moisture to skin, but to keep moisture in. These 25 tips show you how to do this.

Dry Skin Tip: Keep Water Lukewarm, Not Hot

Hot water robs skin of moisture causing dry skin, so it’s best to shower in lukewarm water. If you can’t bear this rule — I can’t — try to keep your showers short and try showering only once per day. This also means skipping hot tubs (another rule I simply cannot bear). The hot, hot temperature, combined with drying chemicals, is torture on dry skin.

The same rule applies to hand-washing: Wash hands in lukewarm, never hot, water (this is a rule I firmly abide by). If your skin turns red, the water is simply too hot.

Dry Skin Tip: Moisturize After Showers or Hand Washing

Your skin will tell you when it’s dry. If your skin feels tight and taut, it’s time to add moisture..

Dry Skin Tip: Exfoliate on a Weekly or Semi-Weekly Basis

Moisturizer is much more effective on properly exfoliated skin. Use a salt or sugar scrub in the shower and exfoliate your face with a mild scrub made for the face at least once a week.

Here’s a tip I use during the winter months: Apply extra virgin coconut oil on your freshly cleansed face. Use a warm, wet washcloth to massage the oil into the skin. This works to exfoliate and moisturize. You can also use this method on your body. Add sugar or salt to the oil to make your own scrub.

Dry Skin Tip: Invest in a Humidifier

Ever notice how older people in desert climates look like leather? The moisture in the air is actually good for skin. If you live in a low-humidity climate or you are around furnaces in the winter, invest in a humidifier.

I once read that your skin needs more than 30 percent humidity to stay properly moisturized. A room heated by a furnace can have as little as 10 percent moisture. In the winter, consider sleeping with a humidifier in your bedroom. Keep doors closed so the moist air doesn’t escape the room.

Dry Skin Tip: Use a Facial Mask for Dry Skin

facial masks work wonders on dry skin and cost close to nothing.

Dry Skin Tip: Skip the Drying Soaps

Soaps can be drying. Stick with a creamy moisturizing cleanser that contains glycerin or petrolatum, such as Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash for the body or Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash  for the face.

Extra tip: Simply can’t skip the bath? Skip the bubbles, which can contain harsh foaming ingredients and opt for bath oils or oatmeal scrubs, which are great for soothing itchy skin.

Dry Skin Tip: Baby Your Hands

Hands and feet can suffer terribly from dry, itchy skin. Put on moisturizer and gloves BEFORE you head outdoors in the winter, and consider lathering up your feet in thick moisturizer and sleeping in cotton socks at night.

Dry Skin Tip: How To Soften Dry, Cracked Heels

Dry, cracked feet are never sexy. To keep feet soft, cover feet in a thick moisturizer, wrap feet in Saran Wrap, then pull on a pair of socks for a couple hours. Try to sit or lie down while the moisturizer soaks in or risk sliding into a full split and pulling your groin muscles. The same treatment can be done on hands, except try plastic bags and keep hands in a pair of socks. A half-hour should do you.

Dry Skin Tip: Don’t Forget Your Lips

Licking your lips will not moisturize them and instead will help dry them out. Lips retain less moisture than other parts of the body, so they tend to dry out more quickly. A simple lip balm helps but if you have the bucks, try: Kinerase Lip Treatment (about $25).

Dry Skin Tip: Protect Your Face, Too

If you have super, duper sensitive skin, consider avoiding rinsing your face with tap water, which can contain harsh minerals that are especially drying to the skin (Dr. Dennis Gross once told me New York water contains a lot of harsh minerals, while Seattle water, for example, does not. Go figure). Instead use a cold cream like Pond’s to cleanse your face or use bottled spring water.

Consider Fish Oil Pills

New studies show omega-3 fish oil pills may soothe super dry skin. Patients who took fish oils pills in a study reported in Allure magazine, saw significant results within a few weeks. “You can see, within six weeks, the skin, hair and nails improve markedly,” according to skin expert Dr. Andrew Weil in Allure. Ever since I started taking fish oil pills in March, 2007, I have received numerous compliments on how amazing my skin looks. So there you have it.